Get to Know the People on Preston

Amanda Acker

“I’ve practiced my entire career focusing on oral and systemic health. There’s the business side of the things and the healthcare side. For me being a dental hygienist is about providing primary health care to my clients. One of the major roles we have as dental hygienists is essentially removing infection from the body. It’s not merely about making your teeth whiter, it’s getting your mouth and your body healthy!”

“I work in the community with various mental health care organizations and community health care organizations promoting access. In my mind, it’s a fundamental right for everybody regardless of insurance or income level. I’m really trying to cut away the red tape and the barriers and just allow people to get in here and get healthy.”

“I have a family member who’s actually homeless. I walked the streets doing outreach for about two years before I had my children. That’s part of the reason I chose Preston Street for my clinic. It’s such a dynamic community. I could serve the entire spectrum of people. I love being here. I have regulars who come in and say hello. You don’t get that everywhere. To have a local resident come in and chat for a few minutes; I love it. It just confirms that I am where I’m supposed to be. It’s a vibrant community. I plan to raise my children here.”


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