Get to Know the People on Preston

Amy and Matt Garrett

“I guess you might describe us as trailblazers on two wheels. We saw how popular adult scooters were on a trip to Miami and wanted to be among the first to bring this concept to Canada. Scootering is a lot of fun and it’s also an ideal way to participate in green commuting. Unlike bikes, you don’t have to lock them up; you just fold your scooter and bring it indoors. Scooters are perfect for hybrid commuting, where you bus, train or car share partway to your destination, then scooter to the finish three times faster than walking. We’re Ottawa’s only true scooter shop and have models for adults and kids including micros that one year olds can ride. We also have lots of portable trick or freestyle scooters, the fastest growing segment in action sports.”

“Like scootering, Preston Street is an up and coming area. When we chose to locate our business here we appreciated that it’s a central area easily accessible from all over the city. Everyone knows where Preston is and there’s lots of parking.”

“We knew the area well because we live not too far away and come here often to eat. We are enjoying discovering that Preston Street is a real community where everyone watches out for everyone. The Euro-centric culture that has been a big part of Preston’s rich history makes this area a good fit for Airborne and we are looking forward to participating in the area’s special events like Italian Week.” #PeopleonPreston

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