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Anna Popadopoulos

“Our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. My mother has always been baking and she had us involved in the process as children. It might have been a way that she kept control of us [laughs]. Since we were immersed in baking from such a young age, my sister and I just love it and have always dabbled in the kitchen.”

“Everyone was in a different position in their lives and about five years ago, we decided we wanted something of our own and put the plans in motion to open a place that we can bring a little bit of Greek to the table. From food to desserts, everything is done in house and by scratch.”
“Our little niche is loukoumades. It’s something that my mother would make when guests would come over. They are homemade, pan-fried donuts we do and everybody goes crazy for them. They’re drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon; that is the traditional way. We make them fresh to order and it takes seven to ten minutes, depending on how hot the oil is. Eating them fresh is the only way. Loukoumades are our little thing.”

“Little Italy has become very cultural and diverse. We are not big box stores; there are a lot of mom and pop places and that is what creates a great culture in the area.”

Be sure to come down to Nutty Greek Bake Shop and savour the loukoumades!


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