Get to Know the People on Preston

Barry J.Hobin

“My dad was a general contractor, so I grew up on construction sites. It’s an idea my dad planted in my head. He said, ‘Art’s a big thing with you, you’re good at math. Maybe consider architecture.’ I graduated and five or six years later, decided to go into practice for myself. It’s just as unplanned as that. It’s just that once you get farther into it, you realize how important and how complicated architecture is. You also realize architecture is a team sport and attracting talent is paramount.”

“We were in the Glebe from about ’86 until 2004. The lawyers in our building wanted to expand so I thought maybe it was time for us to find our own space. We moved here. It’s really well located and our team love the neighborhood. Our office environment is one of the keys to our success. I appreciate that there are houses across the street. When we first moved in, there were kids playing on the street. I like that.”

“I think, in order for the neighbourhood to take off, it’s not going to be about the condo towers. It’s how streets develop and create a character. This is a working class neighbourhood. The neat thing about this is the presence of warehouse buildings. There’s lots of room to make these streets even more active and interesting.”


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