Get to Know the People on Preston

Bela Csombok Jr. and Kurt Hillebrand

Young Street Garage: “It started off with Winfried Hillebrand and Bela Csombok Senior; my father and my business partner’s father. They opened up April 1, 1976 and we both sort of grew into the business. I spent virtually all my school holidays here; started off cleaning the floors, did everything from the mechanical side right through to the bookkeeping. Did it all. I was here through high school, university. I finished with an honours in commerce. Then I got my automotive certificate; became a licensed technician.”

“Kurt and I have known each other most of our lives. I think it’s pretty special the relationship we have. Given the amount of time we spend together, it’s very rare that we butt heads. We have our ups and downs but we somehow manage to get through those difficult times. So here we are. Many decades later and we’re still running a successful, profitable business.” - Bela

“Preston’s become more pedestrian-friendly. There are a lot more restaurants and so on. It feels brighter in that way. We’ve done business with people around here and, of course, patronized their businesses. Places like Preston Hardware; a real anchor on the street. We’ve been customers of theirs for decades. It’s turned out to be really nice.” - Kurt

Be sure to come visit Bela and Kurt at the Young Street Garage.


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