Get to Know the People on Preston

Bob Russell

“I love food. I was a home cook. My daughter was home from university and her friends would come over for supper Sunday nights and I'd feed them. They'd say 'Oh Mr. Russell, it's so delicious, you should open a restaurant.’ I’m very proud and humbled.”

“I opened Stoneface Dolly’s on Bronson 15 years ago. It migrated to Preston 10 years ago. That’s the great thing about Ottawa: loyal customers from the original location followed us here. Loyal patrons are part of our wider family. It’s a special relationship that we value greatly.”

“[The Stoneface menu] is international comfort food. We don't do small plates, we don't do the trendy things; we make real meals that stand the test of time and fads. We like to get creative on specials and update our menu, of course, but we believe in honest food.”

“This is a family business. It's myself and my son, who's the general manager slash cook slash everything. My wife is in the office doing the books and my daughter helps out. We make all our food from scratch, and that means we are passionate about it every day.”

“To me, this is the best food area in town. It has the best, most diverse offerings. They’re all worth visiting. We help each other. I certainly eat around and [other owners] eat around. We know each other.”


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