Get to Know the People on Preston

Bob Volks and Louise Beckinsale

"Our mutual love of birding really solidifies our partnership in business and in life. Also, having a strong sense of joie de vivre has really helped our stores thrive – they are fun places to visit!"
"As we like to say, 'Cardinals are red, Blue Jays are blue and all the best seed comes from Gilligallou.' We founded our first store in Almonte because, being active in the birding community throughout the region, we saw a need for quality products that will enhance the birds’ ability to survive, while providing our customers with a very high value. We also carry a carefully-curated selection of other bird-themed items including squirrel solutions, calendars, windchimes and a full range of giftware. Our goal is to help others share in our love of birding and promoting habitat creation in the urban landscape."

"When we wanted to open a second store, Preston Street kind of chose us. We noticed lots of our clientele were coming from the city and we felt having a centrally-located shop would allow us to better serve urban birders. We are finding it very satisfying to help people make their yards more appealing for year-round for birds. We know from experience there’s hours and hours of enjoyment to be had, just sitting back and watching a variety of birds feasting happily on quality seed."

"We love the feel of Little Italy – there’s a great mix of businesses including an increasingly vibrant retail scene. There’s a great feeling of resurgence in the area and people are very excited about it. We’ve been so welcomed by everyone in the community – it’s like being part of a special village right in the middle of the city."


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