Get to Know the People on Preston

Brian Murray

“Sakto Corporation began construction on Preston Square in 1988 and opened our doors in 1990. If you know the market at all, the early nineties were a struggle for the commercial real estate market. Our first tenant was Xerox; they got the ball rolling. We’ve been down here since 1984-‘85. Sakto Corporation President Sean Murray believes in Preston Street; we’ve got a lot invested. It’s taken a lot of time to convince people that Preston Street isn’t the west end. I think we have been able to demonstrate that to our tenants and the commercial real estate community as a whole over the last 10 years.”

“Preston Square hosts thousands of people every day. We have the headquarters of 11 provincial ministries. We’ve got Adobe, Ceridian’s global headquarters, Sun Life, RBC, Xerox, Regus, AON, IBI and more. We’ve been very fortunate to attract these large, great companies.”

“I come from a long line of architects. My father and uncle formed Murray & Murray Associates. They built the courthouse, the airport, Ottawa U, Carleton etc. We grew up surrounded by hard hats. Our fathers said ‘Don’t get into architecture’ [laughs]. So we got into the property side of things with Sakto Corporation. It’s a family-based company. We’re small. I like to think we’re a slightly larger mom and pop business. Preston Street is in our veins and we are proud to call this area home.”


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