Get to Know the People on Preston

Bryan Livingston

“When I was really young, my mother used to read me the book Stone Soup. At the end, I insisted on making the soup. They give you the recipe for stone soup and I wanted to put the stones in. It started me cooking. My mother got me this plastic knife and fork and I would take the scraps from dinner and stand on the stool next to her and I’d make food for the garbage monster on Sesame Street. When I was 15 or 16 I started working at the Embassy West Hotel in a co-op placement and just kept cooking from there.”

“I’ve always preferred French and Italian cuisine. Lately we’ve been saying that maybe we want to get away from modern French and see if we can be modern Canadian. I don’t know what that is and I’m not sure anyone knows what that is but I don’t like pigeonholing us. We’re in Canada, we try to use local ingredients. We have Canadian staff coming up with Canadian ideas so why not call it Canadian cuisine?”

“I like this street. Other areas come and go but this area is going through a slow but steady renaissance. There’s also some really unique restaurants here; Two Six {Ate} being a few doors down gave us the confidence to come into this spot. Atelier, as well.”

Be sure to come down to MēNa and check out their modern Canadian menu.


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