Get to Know the People on Preston

Chris Lalonde

"I fell in love with photography in high school and was fortunate to win an award for my work while studying at La Cité collégiale. I met Anthony Cava at a national photography convention and we hit it off. I was very excited when he invited me to become a partner in his studio and develop the commercial side of the business. Anthony's father Ubaldo founded Photolux Studio in the 1970s and I came on board in the mid-1990s."

"I love that Photolux is a diverse studio. We specialize in commercial, wedding and portrait photography - everything from food to architecture and interiors to lifestyle, advertising & industrial. I find that working on so many different kinds of projects keeps things fresh and interesting for me."

"Working on Preston Street is really great. Growing up, I fondly remember riding the number 2 bus across town to visit Boardwalk, a skateboard shop on Preston at Somerset. At the time, it seemed so far from my home in Vanier but now that I've been working here for 20 years, I realize how central this area really is."

"Since the renovations, I find the neighbourhood so much more appealing. I enjoy that there is such a diverse mix of businesses in the area and it feels really vibrant. I've been working here so long that I know most of the merchants in the area and everyone is so friendly. I like knowing there's always something happening outside - I always try take a break during the workday and go for a walk."


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