Get to Know the People on Preston

Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur, ND and Dr. Clare Sullivan, ND

As a healer, Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur chose the name of her clinic wisely. Docere means ‘doctor as teacher’ and it is one of the five guiding principles of naturopathic medicine. Together with colleague and fellow naturopathic doctor Clare Sullivan, she opened the welcoming, spa-like clinic on Preston Street in October 2016. After many years of practicing elsewhere, the two are pleased to share their passion for supportive, empowering, thoughtful care designed to help their patients get back to a healthy, happy, feel-good life.

In their mission to help people feel excited about wellness, Drs. Vadeboncoeur and Sullivan specialize in a number of areas, including digestive health, thyroid, adrenal and hormone imbalances, IV vitamin infusions, environmental detoxification and facial rejuvenation acupuncture.

“Sharing knowledge and making lifestyle changes feel possible are always our primary concerns and while we offer many tools and procedures that traditional medicine does not, we are pleased to make referrals as needed to medical doctors, physiotherapists and others.”

“Preston Street was appealing because of its central location as well as the fact that there are lots of small businesspeople here. There’s a great synergy and collaborative spirit in this community and it feels like the hardworking ethic upon which Little Italy was founded is still very much present. We love that the area is so walkable as we also live nearby. It’s fun to bring our kids to the neighbourhood for swim lessons, gelato and hot chocolate and our clients enjoy the opportunity to have lunch or a fresh juice after visiting us. We are really looking forward to being right in the middle of the action for Winterlude, the Tulip Festival, Italian Week and more. This is a healthy, thriving community and we couldn’t be happier to be serving as wellness practitioners here.”


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