Get to Know the People on Preston

Emily Ienzi and Steve Harris

“I was always serving in restaurants. I went to university and got my undergrad in political science. I never used it and realized I’d rather be doing what I liked. I actually really enjoyed serving. I met Steve and we started dating. He’s a chef so we figured we could work together and come up with something.” – Emily

“I’ve just been in kitchens from the time of my first job ever. From 1998 until now I’ve been working; Basically never taking any vacation for nine years. That’s how you get to where we’re at.”- Steve

“Sharing plates is more interactive, more fun. That’s how I grew up. My family would just put everything on the table. That’s a different experience and you get to have a connection with the people around you.” – Emily

“I’ve lived in this neighbourhood for about seven years. As a kid I’d ride my bike around here, go to Di Rienzo’s. I basically grew up here. It’s just where I wanted to be.”- Steve

“Preston has a lot to offer. The neighbourhood's changing, growing - which means there's going to be a lot more people moving in. We recently bought a house just steps away from Preston because we love the neighbourhood. I really enjoy that, on our days off, we can stroll down the street and go shopping, grab a beer.” – Emily


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