Get to Know the People on Preston

Eric Diotte

“I’ve always loved food. My grandma and grandpa always did big family meals. I first got more serious when I started working as a line cook for a friend at a French restaurant. My first dish was chicken cacciatore. I cooked a big family meal and changed the recipe; made it my own.”

“I’ve been in the restaurant business since Grade 9. I was a busboy at Al’s Steakhouse. I became a sommelier because of wines and food but also the traveling aspect. My first step was to learn about local wines so I moved to the Niagara region and worked with James Treadwell. I learned tons about food service, wine and food pairing. I worked at the Ravine Vineyard, which was where I got to learn about wine-making. I was their front of house sommelier.”

“My next trip was to explore Italian wines. I thought it would take two or three years but here I am six years later still learning Italian wines.”
“It’s great here. I’m looking forward to all the growth that’s coming to the street. Our patio’s opening up this year. I love the community; everybody’s very tight together. I love to support anybody on the street because they do the same for me. We use Luciano Foods as one of our main suppliers rather than a bigger company. It’s really fun; we go in there and they know our names.”


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