Get to Know the People on Preston

Fabio Leggeri and Fernando Belli

"We're cousins and we've been in business together for 30 years. I spent a lot of time on Preston when I was growing up; this was where everything was happening. "We came to the area to play pool and some of my friends from the old days are still here." - Fernando

"I came to Preston as a teenage to meet up with friends. It's really great to be able to work in a community I've been familiar with for so long." - Fabio

"Adriatica Paint and Body Shop has thrived for three decades because we always go the extra bit for our customers. They return to us again and again because we offer good service at a good price. Our clients trust us and tell their friends about us so we've never needed to advertise. We're now serving the children and grandchildren of our longstanding customers." - Fernando

"Every day when I come to work I look around and see all the changes that are happening in the area and I think about how it's making Preston and even better neighbourhood. I like all the modernization and the diversity with so many different types of restaurants. I think the area has a great feel with more people living here now thanks to the new developments and yet it still seems like a village with a great atmosphere for families. I love working here." - Fabio


Visit us at: 44 Beech Street

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