Get to Know the People on Preston

Fabio Vitagliano

“I started out as a busboy in 1986. My first job was in Toronto; back in the days when even the busboys wore tuxedos. It was part-time while I was in school but I stuck with it because I really enjoy working with people. I became a waiter, a manager; a chef as well. I opened a restaurant with my brother and my dad.”

“I was in Toronto from 1983 to 2003. Back in the day there was a station waiter and a kitchen waiter. The station waiter took orders, brought wine. The kitchen waiter brought the food. There was a system where you’d never have to ask the customer what they were eating.”

“In 2003 I came to Ottawa with my family and came to work for my cousin and my aunt here. This is their restaurant. I started out as a waiter. After a year-and-a-half I took over as general manager. The owners, Lisa and Nino, will have been here for 32 years this September.”

“Our waiters have no earrings, no tattoos showing. We want to have that old fashioned, traditional look. It sets us apart from other restaurants, I think. The most important thing is service. There’s always someone here to welcome you, shake your hand, take your coat, bring you to a table and put the napkin in your lap.” #PeopleOnPreston

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