Get to Know the People on Preston

Frank Nicastro

“Our family’s been in the food business for generations, starting in Italy where my dad’s father was a butcher. His kids had a store too and they still do in Cleto Cosenza where I was born. It’s pretty nice. All the homes are on the side of the mountain. I was two-and-a-half when we came here to Canada. When I was 18 my cousin took me back to the house I was born in. It was pretty neat.”

“The original Nicastro Foods was at 564 Gladstone. It belonged to my dad and his five brothers. My dad’s name is Ugo. He was the original butcher.”

“I’ve been in the food business since I was a kid. I’d go down to Gladstone and hang out. I started as a pack boy, and then began working in the deli.”

“I graduated with a business degree and for many years worked with Italian food wholesale companies. Until I got my ultimate wish, which was to own my own store here on Preston.”

“Our fresh Italian sausages are best sellers. They’re my dad’s recipe. People come from all over the city to get them. We also sell them to restaurants and other stores.”

“Preston’s pretty tight. We all know each other and help each other out. It’s changing; you see the condos coming. It’s looking really nice now. It’s become the place to be.”


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