Get to Know the People on Preston

Jamie Lennox

“I’ve spent almost a decade and half with the Heart and Crown group and have been here at the busy Preston Street location since early 2015. I like working in this area; the neighbourhood, the people and the pace are all appealing. I find it a bit more relaxed than elsewhere in Ottawa. Here, people have time to stop and talk. Maybe it’s because of all the restaurants and patios, but people seem to come here ready to kick back a little. We are unique as the only Irish pub on Preston – maybe that’s great throwback back to the area’s roots as a multicultural working class community.”

“What makes the Heart and Crown on Preston unique is our large size and also the vibe when it’s full. We offer live music three nights per week and people love to gather here to watch sports events. This place is a zoo – a very fun zoo, mind you – during Italian week.”

“I think the transformation that’s underway on Preston Street is great. With more people living and working in the area, the atmosphere is livelier and we have a lot of regular customers who work or live very close by.”

“My dad is a big cycling fan so I remember coming as a kid to watch the cycling races many years ago and plus I like to eat so it’s a good spot. I am having fun exploring the area now that I am here every day.”


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