Get to Know the People on Preston

Joe Lofaro

“I started to become interested in video way before VHS came out. I bought my first TV camera and recorder in July 1971. I still have it here. It’s a reel to reel and still in working condition. I used to record and play back for my family and friends and they’d say ‘Wow!’ Then somebody was getting married and said ‘Can you do my wedding?’”

“Now it’s all computerized. Over the years we went from all analog – reel to reel, VHS, Super VHS, to Digital with Digital-S, and now HD with Panasonic P2 format. I am looking forward in recording in the future with 4K and 8K formats.”

“I am one of the most experienced wedding video producers in Ottawa. I was shooting video in 1971. I taught myself, then I became a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Through them I expanded my knowledge into high end video. I’m still learning.”

“You can get pretty good quality video on an iPhone so my customers expect better quality, more special effects. That’s what we do. We’re professional event videographers. Anything that’s special to a customer. You name it we can do it.”

“I always wanted to be on Preston Street. To me it was the centre of Ottawa. Over the years it went from a small street to a very important part of the Italian community and all of Ottawa. Preston Street has always been close to my heart.”



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