Get to Know the People on Preston

Marilisa Granzotto, Alina Safonova, Vadim Safonov

“I grew up in an Italian household. We danced all the time at our gatherings. A friend told me about Arthur Murray. I stuck out the training and they gave me a student. After four years of teaching high school, I decided this was more enjoyable and never looked back.” – Marilisa

“My mom put me into dancing when I was six. It was a great opportunity to express myself. Later I went to a dance college and that’s where Vadim and I met. He introduced me to ballroom dancing.” – Alina

“I was brought to a dance school and wasn't comfortable at the beginning. I was the only guy and seven years old. I became more comfortable later as I've realized that ballroom dancing is a team dance. And I started to like it.” – Vadim

“The Arthur Murray method has been around for over 100 years. It’s been very successful. We teach private and group classes. We also have dance parties every Friday. It’s a nice community; it’s got a club atmosphere.” – Marilisa

“I like being in Little Italy. It’s grown and developed since we moved here. We’re loving the changes.”– Marilisa

“Between lessons, our students can go out, have a coffee, dinner and come back for more dancing. It’s a great combination of activities.” – Alina


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