Get to Know the People on Preston

Mario Giannetti

“The founders of Preston Hardware were the Locatelli and Germain families. They started in 1945 and ran a very strong organization. In 1973 we purchased the business from the Locatellis. My brother, brother in law and I have been running it ever since.”

“If you asked me for a resume, you’d see I only know hardware. I was 13 when I started working here. I worked part-time throughout school. I really fell in love with all the facets of the business. They really trusted me. I graduated and they offered me a good job, a good salary and some security and I stayed on.”

“You’ve got to have a heart for the business and you’ve got to love people. People are what drive us to do what we’ve done. We’ve had great, loyal customers from the Ottawa area and beyond. We wanted a good cross section of products; a good foundation so that when times get rough in one area we can still survive and move forward. That was the overall thought.”

“My mom lives down the street. She’s been here 56, 57 years. I was raised here. We’ve had a facelift. Some people say it’s great some say we should have kept the old way but you know what? We’ve got to move forward and be positive and live with it. Overall I think the city’s done a great job. We’ve got wider sidewalks, more lighting. It gives Preston a beautiful accent.”


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