Get to Know the People on Preston

Mark Roundell, Lyne Ouimet, Jenna Roundell and Scott Goodridge

"Collectively, our team has almost one hundred years’ experience in the financial services industry. We recently shifted to work under the RBC umbrella because they are number one in terms of market share and we now have access to the best technology, best trading platform and the best research. As financial advisors, we now have a fantastic team backing us up as we do our frontline work, helping clients maximize their financial potential through carefully designed and executed investment management and financial planning."

"What makes our team special is that we truly want to be your first line of questioning on all financial matters and we’ve structured our business to support this. You pay us a fee and then you get full access to us as much of us as you want, with no commissions on top. We have the experience to offer advice on a vast range of financial issues. We know things can get emotional when dealing with money and we truly value the fact that clients know they can trust us and can see we always have their best interests at heart."

"We had a good sense of the Preston Street area prior to moving our business here but getting to know Little Italy’s many wonderful shops, restaurants and business people has exceeded our expectations. As a bonus, we’ve really been enjoying all the nearby greenspace. We are a small, family run business (Jenna is on the board of the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise) so we feel very much at home in this neighbourhood. Our clients love visiting us here as well – they are so happy about the ease of access, the abundant parking and the many great spots where we can have lunch together. We’re so pleased to be a part of this community."


333 Preston Street, Suite 1100

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