Get to Know the People on Preston

Melyssa Rondhuis

“My mom would say I was the weirdest kid. I’ve never really been one to follow suit, which is surprising because my dad was in the military. I was into piercings and tattoos. I tried to get tattoos before I was old enough.”

“My first tattoo was on my spine. I have nine black stars down my spine; nothing too crazy. I still have it. I still like it. My nose piercing is my favourite and longest-running.”

“I went to school for a couple of years in an RN program and just decided it wasn’t for me. I decided to put my knowledge to good use and become a piercer. I really pursued it, got myself an apprenticeship, learned the basics. I worked my way up in the restaurant business and learned the basics of running a business.”

“It makes me super-proud to say my fiancé does most of my tattoos for me. We’ve been together since he started learning. Now he’s phenomenal.”

“You walk down Preston Street and you just feel like people care. I had no idea if they were going to be cool with us because of the stigma. People stop in and say ‘hi’ all the time. We have a really good relationship with the people that live and work around us. It’s awesome. It’s definitely a community feel and that’s what we like. We’re community people.”


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