Get to Know the People on Preston

Nick Shallal

“I purchased La Favorita in 1988. It was only take-out and delivery. I introduced a real wood burning stove and unique seafood pizzas and calzones. In those days they weren’t very popular. At the beginning it was tough but we started to get good reviews in the Citizen, the Toronto Star; even in the New York Times. I have it on my wall of fame.”

“I studied management, hospitality and cooking at university in the former Yugoslavia. I’m originally from the Middle East. Like they say, you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick. You don’t have to be Italian to cook Italian food. When I graduated, I worked in Italy for a few years in a restaurant and learned about Italian cuisine and wood burning. I always had a dream to open a restaurant.”
“I fell in love with Italian cuisine. Italian cuisine is not easy. It’s all about feeling, about love.”

“I fell in love with seafood when I worked right on the beach on the Italian Riviera. In Canada we are blessed with a lot of seafood. Canadian lobsters are beautiful.”

“There are three times, if not more, restaurants on Preston than when I started. Now it’s very diverse. You can find Thai, sushi; many different cultures. We’re hoping that the new condos will contribute to an increase in business. The streetscaping is quite good.”


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