Get to Know the People on Preston

Roderick Lahey

“I have always surrounded myself with the arts. While enrolled in an architectural technology program I went to a lecture on Frank Lloyd Wright given by Brian Wiles. It fascinated me and I spoke with Brian after the lecture. Brian was instrumental in helping me enroll at the Carleton University School of Architecture the following year.”

“Architecture is known as ‘The mother of the arts.’ It’s art, science, math, a lot of psychology. Our firm tries to challenge the urban fabric, trying to move Ottawa from that small town mentality that we have. We’ve been really pushing the envelope and I think we’ve been successful with a lot of what we do.”

“This is a fantastic location. This was a warehouse we bought. We’re still working on the outside but we’re getting there. I saw Little Italy as having some of the most potential in the whole city. In 20, 30 years, this will be the centre of the city. Look at the potential in the government buildings on Rochester Street. We know they’re going to come down. It may not happen in my lifetime but there’s some great opportunity.”

“We’re missing retail. We need a lot more intensification in this area. Then we’ll see a grocery store. It’s coming. Soho Champagne will have a total of 440 units. Soho Italia will be launched shortly and it will add another 268 units.”


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