Get to Know the People on Preston

Sarah Parmenter and Dan Ricetto

“When I was a student at chiropractic school I had an injury to my lumbar disc. I found a very gentle technique that made all the difference for me. This is the technique I’ve brought into my practice. It’s different than what you would think of as more traditional chiropractic. I think of it as gently coaxing the body back into place.” – Sarah

“I always knew I liked sciences and anatomy. I didn’t like the medical model; I was looking at the preventative side. My brother married into a chiropractic family so I got to actually work in a couple of offices and get a sense of it.” -Dan

“We met on our first day of chiropractic school. It was fortuitous. We got married a week after we graduated and opened the office shortly after.” - Sarah

“We wanted to have a place where people can come and feel inspired to be more healthy and do the things they feel like they’re missing out on.” - Sarah

“This is a special neighbourhood. We’ve been through a lot of transition since we’ve been here. We liked the vision for Preston Street. It really feels like a community.” – Sarah

“We met with the BIA and we liked where they were going and we wanted people to be able to walk here. It’s great that way.” - Dan


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