Get to Know the People on Preston

Shawn Moffatt

“I was involved in a lot of athletics from a very young age. I hit a bit of a wall and had some physical limitations as a result of my childhood asthma. That led me to look at other avenues to try and improve on my health and that’s when I stumbled upon not only exercise, but specifically weight training. I definitely developed a passion for it at an early age. It strengthened my body, not only from a performance standpoint but it really aided in controlling my asthma. It enabled me to keep going and break through those limitations.”

“I can’t really say I have an average client. I really do cater to a lot of different needs. A lot of people are just looking to improve their quality of life. What’s exciting for me is that more people are starting to understand the benefit of being physically healthy and how much of a rollover effect it has on your psychological well being. Everybody’s got an individual situation. There’s no
cookie-cutter approach used here. I customize a program for everybody.”

“I was already hanging out on Preston quite a bit. It’s obviously such a great, upcoming neighbourhood. There’s so much growth and so much outdoor activity at Dow’s Lake. I just wanted to be part of the whole transition this neighbourhood’s experiencing and become part of the community.”


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