Get to Know the People on Preston

Sylvie Lapointe

“I finished school in March and I moved in here in October. I had very little [business] experience but lots of drive. It was a time when esthetics wasn’t very well known; 1987. People didn’t even know what facials were. They thought a facial was just makeup. So it took a long time to build a clientele. I cleaned houses for four years; that helped to pay one rent. After four years I was able to stand on my own two feet and didn’t need the second job.”

“As a child, I remember my uncle was a pharmacist. I used to say that I wanted to be a pharmacist but I really didn’t want to work with drugs, I wanted to work with the skin care and beauty products. I like what it represents. It’s a feminine gesture. It never goes out of style. It’s not even vanity; it’s just something that makes people feel good.”

“I just love this area. I’m a runner, I’m a cyclist. I come to work on my bicycle most of the summer from Aylmer. I like the coffee shops, I work out at the Plant Bath. The year that I took my course to become an esthetician, I worked at some of the restaurants. I worked at the original Café Italia. I feel like I know so many people on Preston. It’s like a little family.”

Be sure to visit Sylvie at Facial Angle for your next facial.



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