Get to Know the People on Preston

Toni and Angela Imerti

“My husband’s family owned the restaurant about 30 years ago. It got sold two or three times. The last owner closed the doors. When my husband found out he wanted to re-open it. It was close to his heart and he wanted to bring back the original Allegro. We got one of the original chefs back and re-opened. My husband grew up here, we were engaged here. There’s a lot of personal stories in here.” - Angela

“Whatever we do we do with our hearts. A lot of our customers have gotten engaged here, they’ve had an anniversary here. The first month I opened we had a wedding upstairs.” - Toni

“Over the course of Allegro being open there’s been about five different menus. We went through all of them and grabbed the most popular items and added a flair of our own.” - Angela

“We’re a fine dining Italian restaurant. We’re not nouveau cuisine. It’s simple. You’re going to get calamari, liniguini, veal parmagiana. We do it simple but we do it well.” - Toni

“When people think of Italian food they think of Preston Street. I wouldn’t say we’re in competition with each other. We’re all friends, so we send each other business. Each restaurant has its own flair.” - Angela

“I always try to keep it on the street. Keep the customers coming back to Preston.” - Toni

For fine dining Italian style, make sure to stop by Allegro Ristorante.


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