Get to Know the People on Preston

Vicki Copland

“I live just around the corner. It makes my commute nice [laughs]. I moved in November of 2009. With the winter coming I decided it was time to move closer. I love the neighbourhood. It’s close to Dow’s Lake and I run in the summertime. It’s great to be able to get out and run along the canal. The people in the neighbourhood are super-friendly. The only thing we could use is a grocery store.”

“You see a lot of the same faces. You start to talk to them and get to know them. I’ll call them by their names and they use mine. I’ve developed friendships with some of the customers. I’m trying to convince one of them to join ski patrol next winter. It’s such a diverse neighbourhood. You get all kinds of different people. In the summertime we get a lot of students doing summer school at the Adult High School.”

“We opened in June 2009. The building’s management felt there was a need for a little convenience store; not just for the tenants but for the street as well. I’ve been here since then as well. It’s great seeing all the change on the street; all the different condos going up.”

“The majority of our clients are tenants who work in the building. We have a few regulars from the street who come for their newspapers. It’ll be interesting to see as more people move into the area.”


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