Things to do on Preston Street


As Canadians, we’re experts on fast food. If you are like most, as a teen you could easily pass the blindfold test and tell the difference between burgers from McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s. (Interesting tidbit: Worldwide, McDonalds sells 75 burgers every second.) Now that you’re not a teenager anymore, you’ve probably got a full time job, so it’s time to start appreciating the better things in life. Here’s a great thing to do with your friends this weekend. Snapchat them for a coffee meetup on Preston Street – there are lots of choices – then head to a nearby park for rousing game of Ultimate Frisbee. Never played before? Don’t worry – the rules are simple: After the game, grab some cooling gelato back in Little Italy. Once everyone’s had a chance to clean up and dress up, head out for a celebratory dinner together. Visit our website to find links to some of Ottawa’s best restaurants where you can toast your perfect day with friends. #101onPreston

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