Things to do on Preston Street


This weekend’s adventure suggestions are brought to you by the letter K. Your first stop: Dow’s Lake Pavilion, where you can rent single or tandem kayaks by the hour. At a leisurely pace, you can explore the whole lake in about an hour. Have a nice conversation. Enjoy the afternoon sun. If you’re on a first date, now’s a great time to show off your athletic prowess: see if you can paddle to the NAC and back, a 12.5 kilometre journey. If you’re looking for a different kind of workout, why not try a free one hour Kickboxing Class instead? Ok, worked up a thirst yet? It’s time for a nice, refreshing beer – perhaps a Kichesippi or a Kokanee? Pick a patio, any patio, there’s lots of them on Preston. To complete your K adventure, we recommend you sample some kiwi sorbet, some kimchi—a traditional Korean side dish made of spiced cabbage, or perhaps a kale salad? Book your kayak at or your kickboxing class at #101onPreston

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