Things to do on Preston Street


We love the suburbs. Pools, front lawns, big basements and garages - for many, it’s living the dream in Ottawa. Lots of us grew up outside the Greenbelt but Ottawa’s a changing city and now there are some fantastic opportunities to live downtown, close to where all the action is. To help you visualize what it would be like if you traded in the back forty for the penthouse overlooking the new Sens arena at Lebreton Flats, here’s your official downtowner itinerary for the day: Walk the dog along the Ottawa river, at whatever pace suits you and Rover; morning workout complete. Savour coffee and and a biscotti on Preston while you read your favourite local newspaper. Grab one of the city’s best Italian sandwiches and walk over to the Arboretum for a picnic and some kite flying. Back to Preston Street for drinks and dinner and you’ve lived the new dream in Ottawa, all within a few square kilometers. #101onPreston

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